Discovery Street Team

Welcome to the Discovery Street Team info page. The Street Team is a group of dedicated music fans who are interested in helping spread the word about shows at Discovery in return for exclusive concert and venue perks as well as the opportunity to earn a little cash. Be the one that has the in on all the upcoming shows and earn cool opportunities like Meet & Greets with your favorite artists, free tickets, discounts on food and beverage, plus more. The Street Team is also a real team so you can look forward to meeting a bunch of cool people as well as attending exclusive monthly parties at Discovery just for the Team. Street Team members will be active in the community and help inform music fans through word-of-mouth, social media, hanging posters, attending events, and any other way we can successfully get the word out. Read the guidelines below and fill out the form if you are interested in joining the team. We look forward to adding even more members to this already amazing team!

Team Guidelines

As a member of the Discovery Street Team it is important to be conscious of what you represent and how you present yourself as a member of this Team. You are not only representing yourself but also the Discovery brand, the artists we host in our venues, the agencies we do business with, and the Team you represent. It is important to keep this in mind at all times… while at an event, postering downtown, or posting on social media, what you do represents us all. We have worked diligently to build lasting relationships, an amazing team, and a great brand… we ask that you please act respectfully to all if you would like to be a member of this team and enjoy this amazing opportunity. We like to have fun and this isn’t meant to be a buzzkill, just simply a reminder that you are not just representing yourself but also a whole lot more.

On the Street

Part of being a Discovery Street Team member is getting the word out through hanging poster and leaving flyers at local businesses and other high traffic locations. Again, you will be representing Discovery and all the things we just mentioned so please ask for permission from a store manager or owner before placing any posters or flyers. If posting at a school or university, it is necessary to speak with someone in their front office before placing anything at their location. It is also important that you do not cover up someone else’s poster or flyer unless that event date has already passed. We will provide you with lists of local business and hot spots for you to hit and we always encourage members to provide new ideas for locations or events. Please do not leave posters on private property without permission. DO NOT leave posters or flyers on anyone’s door, windshield or otherwise… you must always obtain permission for the property owner or manager before placing these items.


Social media is a great place to spread the word about events. Our Street Team members are required to share links, invite friends to the event page, as well as post interesting content for the show. This will be monitored by our Street Team manager who you will need to be connected with on all of your social media pages. It is important that your posts do not become monotonous so please be original and mix it up a bit with your posts. We will give you a list of post ideas for the different mediums such as videos, types of language to use when posting, promotional photos, etc. It is also important that you take advantage of tagging friends in posts, checking in at events, hashtag the event (hashtag will be provided for each event), the Discovery Street Team hashtag, as well as the venue hashtag.


In order to keep track of your work, we will need you to be connected with our Street Team manager on all social media platforms so he can see all of your content. It is also necessary to take photos of all the places posters and flyers have been left as well as photos of you promoting at events. We require 2 photos per location and if Street Teaming at an event we require 15-30 photos of how we promoted at that location.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to you joining the Discovery Street Team!

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